Text Us

You know that best friend that always texts you back right away?
You just found another.

You can now text Long Beach Transit for next bus times! Just text “LBT” together with your bus stop ID number to 27299. For example, for stop 0505, you would text LBT0505. Your bus stop ID number is located on the bottom right of your bus stop sign.

If you want to be route specific, because your stop has multiple routes, then you will add a space and your route number(for example: LBT0505 46). Your next bus times will be texted back to you . . . right away.

You don’t need a smartphone! Any cellphone with a texting plan will do. Want to make it even easier on yourself? Put 27299 in your phone contacts under something like, “LBT Next Bus Times.”


Long Beach Transit has partnered with Mobile Marketing, LLC to provide our new texting feature for next bus times.

Standard messaging data rates may apply.

IMAGE: How to text LBT for next bus times

IMAGE: Sample of text reply from LBT