Use your Long Beach Transit Day Pass to transfer between LBT buses. No other available transfer is valid between LBT buses.

When you need to transfer from Long Beach Transit to another bus agency, or from the bus to the light rail train to complete your one-way trip, you can save money when you buy a ticket called an Interagency Transfer. Interagency Transfers are bought when you pay your fare. They have time limitations and are designed to allow you to catch the next connecting bus or train.

Transfers cannot be used for reverse direction connections.

detailsThe Interagency Transfer

The Interagency Transfer will be issued for 50 cents upon receipt of cash fare, a 25-Ride Pass, a Metro token, monthly pass, a Day Pass or 5-Day Pass.

Interagency Transfers are not sold to passengers who ride free; for example, wheelchair riders or the blind.

The Interagency Transfer is valid on Metro, OCTA, LADOT, Norwalk Transit, Torrance Transit, Carson Circuit, Gardena Bus Lines, Montebello Bus Lines, Foothill Transit, The Bellflower Bus, Paramount Shuttle and the Metro Rail Lines.

Interagency Transfers issued by the above transit carriers are accepted on Long Beach Transit buses as long as the time, date and direction of travel (one-way) are valid.

For Long Beach Transit customers transferring to the following gated Metro Rail stations, you’ll need a special paper tap card.

Affected Stations
Artesia & Del Amo: Starting December 9, 2013 (now starting December 11, due to Metro delays)
Norwalk: Starting January 13, 2014

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. When paying your fare, tell the operator you want to buy a transfer to Metro Rail.
  2. Pay for the transfer and the operator will hand you a paper TAP card.
  3. At the Metro Rail stations, tap your card at the turnstile or validator.

Note: Your transfer is good for one entry only.

Interagency Transfers issued by Long Beach Transit are not valid for use as a transfer to another Long Beach Transit bus.

Please do not put the Interagency Transfer in the farebox! Give the Interagency Transfer to the bus driver.

For more information on transfer policies or fares, call our friendly transit advisors at (562) 591-2301 for fast help 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

detailsOther Transit Agency Fare Valid on LBT

The following fares are valid for one ride on Long Beach Transit buses:

  • Metro tokens
  • Valid Metro Monthly Pass with a Metro to Muni transfer ticket
  • Valid Metro rail ticket with a Metro to Muni transfer ticket
  • OCTA Daily Pass from transfer locations to LBT only